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Adam WoledgeHaving run my own practise for ten years and having completed '000's of inspections for Archicentre over a long period of time I suppose I have some knowledge when buying the more expensive houses about the do's and the don'ts - about what works and what doesn't.

I can really see the need for buyers (people) to get some advice before they buy a home, before they sell or renovate a home and even before they commit to an architect and/or builder.

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Since starting at James Buyer Advocates work has been one of great interest and variance. Our clients buy properties in the 7 councils below and as we all know (or at least should if we are planning to renovate) each and every council has different regulations and overlays, different setbacks and rules. So one week you are looking at your dream home with some plans but it goes for too much and then next week another home three streets away and a very different set of regulations.

It can be frustrating but more importantly it can be very expensive if you buy the wrong house and I don't just mean from a financial point of view. Emotional outcomes in homes are just as if not more important when buying. Light, Space and Form that you like lead to a greater enjoyment in your home for you and your spouse and family. How much is it worth. Happy Wife - Happy Life.

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Overcapitalising - is less of a problem with the better the position and land size but it is a question I get asked all the time. Floor plan and orientation are such important factors that many times we advise a no on a property because even though it maybe a $100,000 and more cheaper it will in the medium to long term be false economy. In most houses the rule is land appreciate and building depreciate and the more you move away from good architectural principles (to your taste of course) the more likely you are to lose on the changeover in the future and unless you're a martian the more likley you are to not enjoy the home as much as you could.

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