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Buying a family property is more than a key financial decision - it's your home. More than any other acquisition, it defines your tastes, your lifestyle and your achievements.

Choosing a family home is a huge emotional and financial commitment - so we help you take the time to make sure you purchase the right one.

Brighton: 32 Cosham: Jonathan Dixon opened and closed on a $2.8m vendor bid.
Brighton: 32 Cosham: Jonathan Dixon opened and closed on a $2.8m vendor bid.

Many homebuyers engage us after they have had a number of bad experiences. Or, they have missed out on their dream home in a competitive market, and don't want to miss out on another one or finally they have heard from friends or read there is simply a better way of doing it than "pot luck".

Others ask for our assistance because buying the family home is probably more "emotionally" charged than any other purchase they will ever make.

James Buyer Advocates work with you to provide all the information and help so you can decide on the right home for your family.

We know that bringing up families today doesn't leave much time for anything else. We know that searching for property and moving house can be an exhausting and stressful process. That's where we can help take some of the pain and stress out of your home purchase - one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make in your lifetime. And let's face it, if you make the right decision, you are likely to be there for many years and you are likely to seriously increase your wealth.

From schools to neighbourhoods to shopping to transport, we know the market and have lots of little snippets of advice you won't get from many selling agents. We're not tied to any one agent or company, so because we act independently, we can look across a much wider range of properties to select those which fit your needs. Of course, the final decision is up to you and the kids!

Case Study

Dear Mal,

I cannot ever recall paying an account, without receiving an invoice, forty-five minutes after the delivery of the service. But pay I did, with, I might add, a smile on my face.

Bronwyn and I decided to utilise your services as a Buyer's Advocate for reasons commencing with 'we did not know the South Yarra town house market well'. Further the housing market was generally entering a new year without any discernible trend, after a boom twelve months, plus the auction game is never easy.

The end result is all that really matters, and in this, and every respect we achieved our goal of buying the property we had set our sights on. We achieved this goal well under what we were prepared to pay, thanks to your professionalism and expertise.

Your pre-auction work was first class and the auction tactics we refined over a period of several days worked to a tee. Having you around the corner on the mobile phone, ready to step in at the appropriate time during the auction, and then taking me through the bidding process on every raise, happened as if we had scripted the whole sale.

A final point is that, even though I have bought or sold many properties, either on my own, or on account of clients and would regard myself as knowledgeable in this area, you added great value to the purchase process.

I consider the fee as money very well spent. Bronwyn and I also enjoyed working with you.

Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

With kind and grateful regards,
Roger Evans
Horwath Chartered Accountants

Roger Evans

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