Buying homes for couples

Buying a Home for Couples

What do you want now - and what will you need in the future?

Whether you want something long-term or as a starting point in the residential property market, we can help. Your specific needs as a couple are taken into account as we search your chosen areas to find the best property at the right price.

Surrey Hills, 133 Windsor: What a lovely day for an auction. What a lovely setting. What a lovely result for Tim Heavyside of Fletchers. Five bidders. $940,000.
Surrey Hills, 133 Windsor: What a lovely day for an auction. What a lovely setting. What a lovely result for Tim Heavyside of Fletchers. Five bidders. $940,000.

Are you are planning on being here for many years to come, or whether you'll move on in a few years as your family expands? Knowing this information and then reflecting it correctly in your purchase will not only result in a happier home environment but also a healthier bank balance long term.

Alternatively you may be downsizing after the kids have left home or its simply time for a life change. No problems - but lets match the home with your wishes and lets do it in a way that won't hurt your lifestyle in 10 years.

You buy the wrong property now and have to move in a few years then not only do you lose a bit of confidence in yourself but you also lose stamp duties, selling agent fees, removal costs not to mention are myriad of other costs and your time.

You buy the wrong property now - meaning poor position (sea change), all glitz and no substance (new apartment) or wrong price and when you want to make a different lifestyle choice in 10 years you can't because you have fallen away from the market - your purchase has not kept pace with what you now want.

You can avoid these issues buy buying well now - so as in a few years you won't moving and in 10 years you not only have kept up but you may actually be in front of the market.

Case Study

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mal James for helping us purchase our dream home. We are so happy!

We had bought and sold several homes before and believed we knew what were doing. It wasn't until we met Mal that we realised how little we knew!

After spending six months looking for a new home we were referred to Mal by a trusted friend. Our preferred areas were Port Melbourne and Albert Park, but since we lived in a North-West suburb we thought these areas were unaffordable. The process of completing the on-line questionnaire and subsequent chats with Mal were invaluable to clarify our dream location and features of our 'perfect' home. With Mal by our side we started our search and focused on only these two areas. Working with Mal was also invaluable to ensure my wife and I would be happy with our new home. Therefore, our first few weekends were spent looking at homes so Mal could understand likes and dislikes. Through these weekends we in turn learnt to look for a home that would be a sound investment (and the best places to eat!!).

During the coming months Jo'anne and I had various discussions about the process and we became less confident that we could still afford our dream home. After voicing our concerns to Mal (and enjoying another great watering hole) we walked away feeling once again confident things would work out.

To our surprise we quickly found a great home in our chosen location. The comprehensive property report prepared by Mal confirmed the house matched our criteria and got the 'thumbs up'. When we missed out at the auction we were disappointed but still confident in his sound advice that we could afford such a home. When we missed out a month later on another great house (which sold for a record price) our confidence was shattered. My wife and I decided it was time to throw in the towel, call it a day and look in another area. It was obvious that every house that we wanted also appealed to everyone else. We could not compete with this. It was time to accept this and look at other options and other areas that we could afford.

Morale was low. Mal gave us time get over the disappointment and once again supported us to focus on what we wanted. The searching re-commenced. Mal's support during this time was invaluable. My wife had given up hope and I must admit despite his reassurances, I was beginning to doubt our success.

About a month later another inspection of another great house. This house had WOW factor and matched our criteria exactly. We spent ten minutes inside and walked out declaring that we could not afford it. To our surprise Mal recommended a change of strategy in an endeavour to purchase this home. We thought he was crazy!! The next day we were signing a contract and overjoyed that we had just purchased our perfect home in the perfect location.

The purchase of our new home was the beginning of a new lifestyle for my wife and I. Everyday we walk along the beach and marvel at our good fortune of finding Mal James.

Mal also assisted us to find the best real estate agent to sell our house. As a direct result we received top price for our house and sold it before the board was up!

Mal's expertise, professionalism and support are beyond reproach. His sound advice is delivered in an honest and direct manner which was also greatly appreciated.

Words cannot express our gratitude. Thanks to Mal James everyday is now like being on holiday.

Thank you Mal.

David & Jo'anne Allen

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