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Clarity of Needs

Clarity of Outcome, Needs and Options are Important Starting Points in Home Ownership.

Clarity won’t necessarily come from filling out this form, it may take a coffee or two with us, a number of home visits and then further talks with your family.

It maybe that you think you have clarity and you just want confirmation.

Either way it's a starting point.

I bought it Scott and I'm happy!! The man with the movie star looks, Jellis Craig auctioneer Scott Patterson, accepts a handshake from the winning bidder at Leslie Street Hawthorn.
I bought it Scott and I'm happy!! The man with the movie star looks, Jellis Craig auctioneer Scott Patterson, accepts a handshake from the winning bidder at Leslie Street Hawthorn.


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Hi, Gina here. I understand it maybe a little daunting making first contact from the internet or a friend's or work colleague's suggestion; so to help you we have provided you with some alternatives.

Action Plan Clarity Choices

Phone: You can phone our office on (+613) 9804 3133. If I'm not in then I or another advocate will ring you back as soon as possible.

Email: You can email me at gina@james.net.au or any of our other advocates. Other advocates here.

Clarity Form: You can fill out either of the clarity forms by clicking on the links below, and press send.

Overseas or Interstate: No problem - email, conference calls etc. Let me know you time zone and availability for a return phone call or email.

We've given you a choice below to either fill out a form asking a basic set of questions about the property you'd like to buy (QUICK FORM), or, for those who like to be more specific, we offer you the option of giving us greater detail of your property requirements (DETAILED FORM).

Clarity of Your Needs - Quick Form
Clarity of Your Needs - Detailed Form
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Detailed Clarity Form
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Detailed Clarity Form

More Thoughts on Clarity

You may be as clear as Socrates or as confused as the Chief in the TV show Get Smart when it comes to what you want in a home.

Either way a consistent theme from our clients 3 months, 5 or 10 years later is you know I never would have bought that home without your input and thank you again.

We have found finding a home best starts with knowing what you want. The three 3 P’s is the end manageable result of the process. Price, Property and Position.

But where is the start of this process? Frankly there is no right or wrong.

For some buyers the start and stop is no discussion and its 4 walls as close as possible to the city and a train, with some land (in a hurry). Good thoughts, there is nothing wrong with this as an end result. We act for clients who just want a home (quickly) and nothing more.

But for a moment, if we could uplift your spirit to feelings of joy you had on your most memorable holiday or the comfort you felt at home around the table or in the garden at a happy time in your life.

Contrast this with the dramatic extremes of how you feel at Christmas time in a shopping mall such as Southland or the uncomfortableness you experience within the surroundings of your bank managers office or a hospital reception.

Anyway you get the drift - your surroundings do have a dramatic effect on your stress levels, your children’s and spousal happiness and we haven’t even broached the more mundane and equally important - financial well being in buying a home.

What Do We Do

What we as an independent third party do is sure, act as a tour guide, even an umpire during the process; but more importantly we are hopefully a source of inspiration and information that can take your mind to areas that you would not have gone to. We can help you achieve the financial and emotional outcomes that you may have decided upon, we can also help with the financial and emotional outcomes you may have never dreamed of.

Many past clients say that while they initially contacted us because they thought we would save them more money than our fees it turns out that after the fact the most common stated and strongest value add was the clarity we allowed during the whole process.

Middle Park: 179 Richardson: Bidderman 4. David Wood of Hocking Stuart. Bought for $1,443,000. Good crowds at a lot of Port Phillip auctions.
Middle Park: 179 Richardson: Bidderman 4. David Wood of Hocking Stuart. Bought for $1,443,000. Good crowds at a lot of Port Phillip auctions.

Clarity of

Alternatives specific to your family - both financially and emotionally.

Options available as you go through a process (sometimes less than 72 hours in time) and this significantly reduced your wasted time and your stress

And Clarity of

Action - when we hit crunch time. In life, when you find the girl or guy of your dreams you do want to make sure you get the prize if that is at all possible - homes are no different. Not everything goes to plan.

Yes we hear you say but there is the internet- in fact you’re on it now. The internet for some has been a godsend, for others a stress creator but either way the internet is a conduit not a solution.

If homehunting is blurry or indeed you are not seeing the whole picture then a more efficient plan or more time to view may not be the answer - what you may really need is a pair of glasses or a second set of eyes.

As your second set of eyes or glasses we can open up new areas - not just another suburb but sometimes special little precincts within your tight search criteria.

It’s a tad extreme but we bought a beach house in Hampton with stunning views of Sandringham Yacht Club when a Kangaroo Ground resident engaged us to look for a beach house in Lorne but as we dug deeper: retirement, hospitals, growth and sibling access became issues. Position Clarity

We bought a home in Albert Park for residents of Airport West who had simply given up looking in this area as they felt they couldn’t afford it - still get a card from David and Jo (reference in case studies section) every year - thank you. Price Clarity

In East Malvern on 20,000 sq ft is one of only 3 English Victorian homes of its type in Australia. In another life if was a school, a mansion in need of a renovation and for our clients almost a lost cause. But this is a home of great feelings and character with numerous period features, grand rooms, a stunning entrance and an expansive back yard. At the time of purchase a meticulous renovation had just been completed by its previous owner who was well respected within the Historical Society circles. Our initial brief was ….. and developed into please find me a landmark, a great home, a special place - one my family can grow up and treasure for the rest of their life. Property Clarity

We Can Help You With the 3 P's

If you think we can help you with Clarity of your 3 P’s Price, Property and Position then
please read CAN Step 2 Assess and CAN Step 3 Negotiate.

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