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Anybody can find a home just look on the internet. Truer words have never been spoken and if you want to find any home then the internet is the go.

However the internet is a conduit not a solution and we discuss that in more detail with our CAN process. Clarity - Assess and Negotiate.

We analyse for CLIENTS ONLY hundreds of homes every week and report effectively and efficiently with our Patented and Unique Home Ratings


Buyers: With off markets you have several choices in how you view these. If you know your values well, have the time and feel that you are best served with you negotiating, then you can become friendly with most your local selling agents. If you don't have the time, are not clear on values or would prefer a buying agent to represent your interests in any deal and cover most additional options, then you could contact our office 9804 3133 and we can arrange to meet, understand your brief and then line up some on-market and off-market homes for you to view. Good hunting!

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When you are searching for a home, townhouse or apartment between say $1and $4 million in the inner suburbs, you will face a list of 100+ properties.

Information overload! What you need is somebody to go through that list (the work still has to be done) and then present you with a few places that meet YOUR NEEDS. That way, your efforts and time can be put into real consideration of the properties, not administration or frustration. This is one of the ways that we keep you really informed. We talk to you about the properties you want to see, not the properties an agent wants to sell you.

For CLIENTS ONLY we have detailed "back end" procedures to make sure we that together we are not missing anything that is advertised

Back End System

For CLIENTS ONLY we have detailed "back end" procedures to make sure we that together we are not missing anything that is advertised

Back End Demonstration
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