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People often make better decisions with a second independent opinion.

Buying a home for the first time or maybe the last time (and we mean that in a positive long and happy life kind of way) is full of fun and excitement and it's also full of issues. Issues that if you face them and manage them well, will result in the fun continuing after you have moved in. Most of the singles we buy for are women and they fall into 3 distinct categories - pre relationships (maybe by choice will remain that way), split relationships (sometimes not really that single with a little team often requiring accommodation) and post relationships (women outlive men).

Malvern East: 74 Central Park: John Bongiorno of Marshall White schmoozing the crowd at a Park Auction: Passed In.
Malvern East: 74 Central Park: John Bongiorno of Marshall White schmoozing the crowd at a Park Auction: Passed In.

Two big macro issues we discuss are what do you want now? (fairly obvious - although position as apposed to type of property is often discussed at length) but equally and sometimes more importantly what do you want in the future? We all move in life and our advice is a smart purchase now will continue your emotional and financial freedom in the future. Is the place you are buying now big enough for a child, or is there room for a partner, or will it rent out well if you want to move? Will it keep pace (growth wise) with other homes so as you can afford different accommodation in the future (65's live to 85 - that is 20 years - what did the home market look like 20 years ago). These are all valid, sensible questions that will allow your wealth and security building to continue as relationships develop and possibly falter - meaning you didn't sell, you rented it or you renovated it and in 10 years from now irrespective of your status you have a fantastic and protected asset - rather than you bought, sold, rented, bought, still big mortgage, little equity kind of asset.

But home purchasing is not all about macro issues - what about micro - well maybe security is a macro issue. Lets take one security issue - car parking. Young and trendy don't need a car park? We suggest you do - when it is late at night and the street is full; do you have a child under 3 years - what about their safety plus managing 3 shopping bags ? Would it be a good financial decision to resell a home with all the stamp duty, fees etc just because you got sick of or worried about the parking. And finally on this matter would the resale of a home in a market that is not as strong mean that you will have enough financial fire power to stay in your settled and favoured area and now buy a home with a car park.

Steps (the walking up and down kind) are a micro issue or are they? - when we have a partner (the ones that aren't useless) a sprained ankle, broken leg is annoying but survivable. By yourself, should an accident be something that means you have to move out temporarily or permanently? As we get older we all get a bit set in our ways and home change is something we normally want to minimize when we are settled in our area, lifestyle and homes.

Case Studies

You get a plumber to fix your house - why not an advocate to buy?

I wanted to purchase a home and as a 32 year old single female primary school teacher, I was dismayed at how high all of the housing prices had become. I was beginning to get upset and feel that there was no hope for me finding something in my price range. After yet another stressful argument ridden weekend of looking at houses with my parents, my mother suggested ringing a buyers advocate. It was a great decision! Mal sat me down and discussed the areas I'd been looking at purchasing in. They were extremely helpful and realistic about what I could and couldn't afford. This set a positive framework for us to work with and gave me the hope that I would be able to find something I wanted for the right price.

You helped me with:

  • What to look for when going through houses and any potential liabilities.
  • Saved me time: It took me 2 months to find a house from when I started looking.
  • Saved me heartache: of looking at places I couldn't afford (real estate agents ALWAYS over-quote prices).
  • Removing the stress from looking
  • Being realistic about what I could afford (property type and area)
  • How to deal with real estate agents (They are slippery fish!)
  • Liasing with all the agents involved (banks, lawyers, archicentre, pest inspections.)
  • Purchasing a great home for $10,000 less than the price quoted on the private sale.

At the end of the day I was able to purchase a home with all of the requirements I had listed within my price range AND near the beach!

It's amazing that when you want to get something fixed in your house (for example, if you need the toilet fixed you automatically ring an expert at it, a plumber), but when you want to buy an actual house you expect to be able to do it yourself!

By consulting experts at buying property like Mal, the whole process of buying became easier for me. A happy customer,

Allison McKenzie

Dear Mal,

You were right it was (almost) the best week of my life!!! Thank you SO much for your help & guidance and tremendous professionalism. I have really appreciated the way in which this whole process has progressed. Of course the outcome is wonderful and to have it all happen so smoothly without any fuss or drama is an added bonus. Thank Antony also & the rest of the team that supports you. I certainly have been singing your accolades to everyone who comes within Cooee of me. So from the bottom of my heart thank you very much. Have a great break over Xmas & once I am settled I hope you & Janet will come for drinks.

Jan Bokor

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