Good Design is Important

Good design can add real value to a property.

Melbourne is the most livable city in the world and, within its suburbs, lies a diverse and eclectic mix of homes.

Architectural features, the quality of fittings, lighting aspect, sun, environment and airflow all need specialist consideration when determining price.

Camberwell: 21 Christowel: Alastair Craig knocks it down to the best of 4 bidders for $1,530,000.
Camberwell: 21 Christowel: Alastair Craig knocks it down to the best of 4 bidders for $1,530,000.

It Is Easy To Over Estimate Value

In an emotional state, it is easy to "overestimate their value" and conversely miss out on a deal you should have bought.

Regret can be long lasting. Whether your request is for a "trophy" home that we find in an off market deal or you have a specific desire for a Victorian, Edwardian, Californian Bungalow or Modern Architectural home, we can advise you as to the best areas and what type of homes and floor plans are right for you. All based on a thorough understanding of Your Needs.

Good Property DesignWe see hundreds of homes every year - we see them at an initial open inspection, we see them sell or be passed in, and we see them back on the market in a few years - some higher in price, some lower.

Part of that price depends on how you renovate or modernize the property.

In our opinion, good design is very, very important, and well-known architects such as Nicholas Day, Rob Mills, SJB, Brett Gilbert or Six Degrees can add significant value to a property.

Do not over estimate property value in MelbourneOn the other hand, you can pay a lot for a property that, as they say in the trade, is "a dog".

We also encourage you to consider that in today's world where everything seems to be about dollars, you should be asking at some point before commitment whether you feel good about this purchase.

If not, moving within two years is expensive.

Coastal views need special examination

In our opinion, "coastal views" need serious examination prior to purchase.

Why? Price is why.

When we are buying coastal we have four different "Coastal Ratings"

1. Beachfront

2. Surf Views

3. Water Views

4. Beach Hinterland

How you rate and price views is a bit like front row versus dress circle theatre seats. Like the theatre, you need to work out whether you are looking at a hit or a flop. Our Property Report goes into great detail when you are being asked to pay a lot for an intangible.

No matter what type of property you want, good design is critical to buying the right property. Our job is to help you work through what you think is good and how, if at all, that differs from the general market opinion. We are not 'the good taste police' with regards to wow, views and design. Instead, we see ourselves as a "good decision" sounding board for you.

Case Study

Our association with Mal James and his company has been positive from the outset with both the firm and its clients benefiting from Mal’s expert advice and guidance. As with all practicing accountants we are neither licensed nor sufficiently expert to provide specific property advice to our clients, who would regularly seek our advice in relation to proposed investments or home purchases. The establishment of NA&S property services in conjunction with Mal James was an instant success.

Numerous clients have requested and received valuable advice from Mal and we have only received positive feedback from those clients. We are pleased to commend Mal and his company to you.

On a personal note I have used Mal for several property considerations including a recent acquisition on the Peninsula and I and my entire family were more than happy with his professional and timely advice.

Tom Borsky
Managing Partner
Nexia Alexander & Spencer Chartered Accountants

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