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We have an inside knowledge on the current Melbourne market, combined with years of experience, to offer any interstate buyer.

We know you won't have time for a lot of visits if you are living interstate. That's where we can help. From searching for the right property, to negotiating and bidding for you at auction, we can do all the leg-work, while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We give you detailed information about the properties and also give you our honest opinion on whether or not it's a good deal.

Malvern East, 20-22 Ferncroft Avenue: Majestic setting!!! Four very keen bidders. Iain Carmicheal continues his good form.
Malvern East, 20-22 Ferncroft Avenue: Majestic setting!!! Four very keen bidders. Iain Carmicheal continues his good form.

Our clients tell us how much this has saved them in terms of time and money.

When people important to a business are moving from interstate or around the world, they need support on the home front. It's very difficult to attend to business and to attend to all the issues at home and still keep your sanity without some help (even then it's still not guaranteed). Work demands, spouses, children's schools, real estate agents, finance and so on place great pressures on even the most hardened executive.

On top of this, in a shifting market, a wrong decision can cost the executive and/or the company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leasing or purchasing (we are licensed, qualified and insured to do either) is not a job for the inexperienced or the unqualified - not with today's values.

Whether you are a HR manager or an executive who is moving, contact us for a confidential discussion of your options.

Case Study

"Overall the whole process was actually enjoyable."

When my husband first suggested we use a buyers agent I was sceptical. Why did we need to spend more money in what was going to be an expensive exercise anyway? And didn't we know what we wanted in a house better than anyone else? However due to the difficulties of house hunting while living interstate and our need for some haste I reluctantly agreed.

I am pleased to say the experience with Mal James exceeded all our expectations. He was well informed, knowledgeable, communicated in a friendly, open manner and enjoyed a good coffee. He was remarkably perceptive and facilitated us in clarifying our needs and desires. His knowledge and resources allowed us to be able to compare values of different homes and different areas very quickly without months of our own "trial and error research". This enabled us to confidently purchase a new home less than 2 weeks after moving to Melbourne. We could then make sensible decisions re schools, kindergartens etc which was very important to us. The fact we paid $75,000 under the asking price as a direct result of Mal's property valuation and negotiation means my initial concern was invalid! Overall the whole process was actually enjoyable and we would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Paul and Sue Bilston
Nevis Street

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