Melbourne Major Property Projects

Major Projects

Major project negotiations require plans, strategies and ......experience, discipline, rigor and 'streetsmarts'.

Being confronted with a major commercial or residential property project in the tens of millions is not something that happens every day and the ramifications of your decisions will last a lifetime.

The process can be a successful one with good outcomes - it can be one that goes off the rails when the going gets tough (and it will) - or it can be a disaster.

The choice is yours - hire the right people before you get knee deep into something you don't want to be in and you cannot easily get out of.

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Surf Coast Shire Tesimonial

This is where it was signed

20 hectares of vacant land in 1445 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay
20 hectares of vacant land in 1445 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay

This is what was achieved

Media Release - 2nd October 2007

"Sport, Space, Service"

Surf Coast Secures Prime Site for Community and Civic Precinct

Surf Coast Shire Council community and civic facilities for TorquaySurf Coast Shire Council has acted to secure space for future community and civic facilities for Torquay and the surrounding area.

The Council last week exercised its option to purchase 20ha of land in the Torquay North growth corridor, beside the Surf Coast Highway and opposite Grass Tree Park.

"This is the most exciting and forward looking step this Council has taken in years," Surf Coast Mayor, Cr Rose Hodge said.

"Securing this land now is the first step in a staged plan that stacks up in so many ways:

  1. It will accommodate an identified need for more sporting and recreation facilities, community rooms, new municipal offices and a cultural precinct.
  2. It is affordable, with extended vendor terms and staged payments making the land purchase very attractive.
  3. It is in the ideal spot, beside the Surf Coast Highway and right in the centre of a major growth corridor for Torquay.
  4. It is environmentally attractive, with a line carrying recycled water from Black Rock passing through the property. This is a "greenfields" site, making it possible to ensure that building and development is done in a sustainable way.
  5. The current council office site will be sold, providing an opportunity for further community infrastructure on the Grossmans Rd site and a valuable cash offset against the cost of the developing the new precinct.
Community and Civic Precinct Master Plan
Community and Civic Precinct Master Plan

Surf Coast chief executive officer, Peter Bollen, said that as part of its consideration of the land purchase, the Council had commissioned a master plan to show options for its future development.

"While the crucial first step in this investment in Torquay's future was securing the land, we also needed to know what the site could accommodate and how the development might look," he explained.

Mr Bollen said that the master plan showed the site could house two AFL sized football ovals, three soccer pitches, netball courts, indoor courts and a gym. There is also room for new community buildings and new council offices.

"Nothing about how the site will be used is set in concrete but there is room to meet the needs we have identified in a staged program over the next 10 years or so," Mr Bollen said.

"The features envisaged for the site and its location will also compliment the development that is expected to occur on the surrounding land in this growth corridor."

"This is a very positive development and a sound investment in the future of Torquay."

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